• Asatsuyu Organic Sencha

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    This 100% Asatsuyu tea is a deep steamed sencha from the Kagoshima prefecture in south Japan. The Asatsuyu cultivar makes an excellent tea. It has very good sweetness, a flagrant aroma and low astringency. Unfortunately this cultivar is very susceptible to frost damage and it’s yield is not as good as other cultivars. Hence most modern tea farmers are reluctant to cultivate it.

    The teaplants have been covert against direct sunlight 7 days before harvest in order to enhance it’s sweetness.

    This particular teafarm is 100% organic certified and uses no pecticides, synthetic fertilizers or whatsoever in the tea gardens for more then 16 years.

    The leaves are a non uniform mixture of a bold shade of green.

    On the nose it has dried seaweed, vegetal tones and notes of honey.

    The taste is strong vegetal with great umami and red bean (anko) sweetness, all this with a minimal amount of astringency.

    Brewing recommendations:

    Leaf: 5g / 130ml H20
    Temperature: 75°C
    Time: 50 sec
    (minimum 3 infusions possible)

Asatsuyu Organic Sencha

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