• Okumidori Fujimidori Sencha

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    Hoshino village in Yame is nestled in the mountains of southern Fukuoka. The tea fields are stretching out endlessly along clear rivers and lush forests. The area is especially well known for producing spectacular tea.
    Mr. Takaki grows sencha, kabuse-cha and gyokuro in a traditional way with great care.

    This tea is a deep (long) steamed fukamushi from Yame, a southernly prefecture of Kyushu in Japan. The tea consists of a combination of two cultivars, Okumidori and Fujimidori. The teaplants have been covert against direct sunlight 7 days before harvest in order to enhance the umami flavour.

    The leaves are of a semi uniformed medium length and have a medium/dark shade of green.
    On the nose it has raw, green vegetables together with sweet vanilla notes.
    The tase is fresh with citrus, bamboo and strong umami present as well as some oceanic notes. The astringency is rather low.

    Brewing recommendations:
    Leaf: 4g / 130ml H20
    Temperature: 70°C
    Time: 60 sec
    (minimum 3 infusions possible)

Okumidori Fujimidori Sencha

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